Join the Experts in GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

Discover the power and performance of GPS Fleet Management. Our complete fleet management system offers fleet owners a new level of control over their vehicles, drivers and ongoing fleet operating costs.

Tracking Solutions can offer the highest value GPS vehicle tracking device and fleet management system in the industry; its priced at a level that any small or mid-sized business owner can easily afford. Additionally, its off-the-shelf functionality and rapid deployment easily scales for larger fleet organisations.

Tracking for Over a Decade

Tracking Solutions has provided  GPS vehicle tracking solutions to Australian businesses for over 10 years.  Our clients operate in all parts of Australia and the South Pacific, including remote locations such as Central Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Overview of the System

Locate your vehicles or assets
- Map the location of your assets in real and historic time - with full street addressing;

Arrivals and Departures – use Geofences to be notified for arrival and departure from sites;

Out of Hours Usage - be notified if your vehicles are used or leave a site after hours or on weekends.

Improve customer service by knowing the whereabouts and calculating arrival times of vehicles and providing this information to your customers or staff when it is required.

Next G (3G) communications coverage – to trace assets in metro and rural areas;

Impact Detection – accident detection or harsh driving events (braking/acceleration/cornering);

Improve productivity; save time by automatically generating fleet management reports. Confirm what’s happening to your vehicles, when it is happening. Identify unofficial after hours activity and monitor unexpected or unauthorised breaks.

Backup power supply, with option for high capacity rechargeable backup power;

Tamper Proof - backup power supply and internal antenna version available.  Small size makes it easy to hide, install covertly.

Capture Additional Information - from input switches – door switch, seat belt switch, seated pressure switch, tray raise/lower, and many more possibilities.

Driver Identification